Wednesday, March 14, 2012

kiddo art table

I've been looking for a good art table for my 3 year old daughter for quite awhile.  We had a roll of MÅLA paper & stand from Ikea, and it was working, but I was tired of moving the stand around and putting it all back together every time she knocked it off the table.

I found this great art table on Martha Stewart and loved the idea but thought the under table shelf might be hard on little knees.  I used the brackets suggested but chose another Ikea table.  Because of the smaller dimensions of the table, I also had to upgrade the paper roll to a smaller width.  I added a wooden strip at the opposite end of the table which holds the paper down and also works as a cutter.  I was in a hurry to put it all together, so left the wooden strip unfinished, but this piece would look great painted in a contrast color or white to match.

The results aren't perfect (the paper roll is a little hard to put on/take off), but the paper is great quality, the table looks nice and my daughter is happy with it.

Materials used:
Ikea Gulliver table & chairs (available in store only)
Beka paper roll
Gooseneck brackets from Ann Wallace
18" long wood strip (I used a piece from the Ikea paper stand mentioned above)
Washers used as spacers between wood strip and table
2 screws to secure wood strip

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