Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer crafting with kids

Keeping kids busy over summer vacation can be really challenging.  I've managed to get a few minutes of down-time (for myself) with these little projects.  All three involve materials that you may already have on hand!

1. Gumdrop and toothpick structures
2. Yarn and popsicle stick "God's Eye"
3. Decorated pet rocks (Sharpie, pompoms, felt, pipecleaners, glue)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fabric {Forest Fellows}

A surprise came in the mail this week - my very first run of fabric with Robert Kaufman Fabrics!  Although we won't be selling it in our store, it will be available online and in stores that feature Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

Friday, February 6, 2015

100th Day Celebration

My kiddo is celebrating her 100th day of school this week and she's very excited.  We were given homework, to make a shirt with 100 of something on it.   We considered a hot air balloon, but in the end she liked gumballs the best.  

This was super easy (compared to some of the projects we attempt), so I wanted to pass it along for other busy moms who need a last-minute idea.  The entire project cost about $15 and everything except the shirt can be found at Michael's.

a tee shirt (we found this one online at Old Navy for $4.50)
multicolored pompoms .5" size
glue gun
heat transfer paper
Iron or heat press
gumball machine art (printed on the transfer paper)

How to:
1 . Print the artwork on transfer paper and trim around all edges including inside of "glass"
2. Transfer to tee shirt using either an iron or heat press
3. Start glueing!  I glued around the edges first and then worked inward, leaving room at the top to make it look more authentic.
4.  Scatter remaining pompoms around bottom

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Smitten Kitten Birthday Party

If you have a child who loves cats, this is a truly purr-fect party idea!  

My very crafty friend Jen recently threw a cat-themed birthday party for her daughter and was the inspiration for this post, as well as the party invite I created below.  She painstakingly decorated every one of those adorable cat cookies (#4) using a PKU-friendly recipe from Cook For Love.

At the end of the party each child went home with their very own adopted kitten (stuffed, of course!).

Friday, September 5, 2014

Framing wall art...arghhh!

So you found a print you love, but searching for a frame and figuring out what size you need makes you a little bonkers, right?   

Here is what I do to determine what size frame I'll need:
1.  Decide on whether or not the art will look better with a mat.  If there's no mat your frame will simply be the size of your picture. 
2.  How much space should the mat take up around the picture (I usually choose 1.5"-2") 
3.  A 2" wide mat adds 2" to each size of your picture
4.  Mat size + picture size = frame size (ie, (12"+4=16) + (16"+4=20) = 16" x 20" frame

The good news is, we specifically design all our prints with frame size in mind.  If you live close to a Michael's or an IKEA, you're set.  If not, there are some good online options for frames as well - we find nice, inexpensive choices on Amazon, and AI Friedman.  If you want something totally custom (that won't break the bank), is a great place to look. 

See, it's not so hard after all : )

Tuesday, March 11, 2014