Friday, September 5, 2014

Framing wall art...arghhh!

So you found a print you love, but searching for a frame and figuring out what size you need makes you a little bonkers, right?   

Here is what I do to determine what size frame I'll need:
1.  Decide on whether or not the art will look better with a mat.  If there's no mat your frame will simply be the size of your picture. 
2.  How much space should the mat take up around the picture (I usually choose 1.5"-2") 
3.  A 2" wide mat adds 2" to each size of your picture
4.  Mat size + picture size = frame size (ie, (12"+4=16) + (16"+4=20) = 16" x 20" frame

The good news is, we specifically design all our prints with frame size in mind.  If you live close to a Michael's or an IKEA, you're set.  If not, there are some good online options for frames as well - we find nice, inexpensive choices on Amazon, and AI Friedman.  If you want something totally custom (that won't break the bank), is a great place to look. 

See, it's not so hard after all : )

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