Friday, February 6, 2015

100th Day Celebration

My kiddo is celebrating her 100th day of school this week and she's very excited.  We were given homework, to make a shirt with 100 of something on it.   We considered a hot air balloon, but in the end she liked gumballs the best.  

This was super easy (compared to some of the projects we attempt), so I wanted to pass it along for other busy moms who need a last-minute idea.  The entire project cost about $15 and everything except the shirt can be found at Michael's.

a tee shirt (we found this one online at Old Navy for $4.50)
multicolored pompoms .5" size
glue gun
heat transfer paper
Iron or heat press
gumball machine art (printed on the transfer paper)

How to:
1 . Print the artwork on transfer paper and trim around all edges including inside of "glass"
2. Transfer to tee shirt using either an iron or heat press
3. Start glueing!  I glued around the edges first and then worked inward, leaving room at the top to make it look more authentic.
4.  Scatter remaining pompoms around bottom

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute! Celebrating 100th day in school. So unusual but cute. You are so creative with your child. Hope we had like this here in Philippines.