Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY kiddo storage tower

I recently noticed (with horror) the post-holiday explosion of Barbies, ponies and tea cups that had taken over my daughter's bedroom and had to find a solution.   After researching all sorts of options, mostly way more expensive than I wanted to go, I ended up at Ikea.

Their Expedit bookshelf is incredibly versatile and, at $70, exactly what I was looking for.  Because it is finished on all sides, you can use it horizontally or vertically.  Initially I was going to use it horizontally and put her dollhouse on top so she'd be able to spread out the furniture but space was not on our side.

The boxes are also from Ikea -- they came with lids which I left off for easier access. Adding numbers (mine are paper, but painting them would be great) to each box has ended up being the best feature -- "mommy, where is the cowboy hat for my pink mermaid?"  "check box #6".

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